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Abuse citations for NMHA Bell, April, 2001, organized by Sylvia Caras, PhD

Most female psychotic patients have experienced physical or sexual abbuse either as a child or as an adult.

Goodman, Rosenberg, Mueser & Drake, 1997.  Schizophrenic Bulletin 23(4), 685 - 696

Strong link between childhood abuse and hearing voices


Two-thirds in substance abuse treatment report physical, sexual or emotional abuse during childhood.


Studies consistently confirm a 50-80% prevalence rate of sexual and physical abuse among persons who later acquire diagnoses of mental illness.


Abused women are five times as likely as non-abused women to have psychiatric emergency room visits.

Stark et al, Wife Abuse in the Medical Setting, Rockvilee, Md National Clearinghouse on Domestic Violence, 1981.

Over half of the women between the ages of 18 and 65 who attend family practice clinics have experienced some type of intimate partner abuse.


An estimated 25% of female teenagers stay in physically abusive relationships.

U S Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Services, "Sexual Beahvior Among High School Students," 1990.

An estimated 10% of Latina and Asian immigrant women are physically or sexually abused by their partners.

Robert Wood Johnson Advances, Issue 2, 2000, p 6

Psychiatric symptoms consistent with diagnoses of major depression, anxiety and insomnia, alcohol abuse or dependence, and posttraumatic stress disorder are more prevalent among battered women.

Kernic et al, Rates and relative risk of hospital admission among women in violent intimate partner relationships, American Journal of Public Health, September 2000, 909, p 1416

"The abuse of wives by husbands and of children by parents constitutes the most insidious, prevalent, and destructive mental health problem ... today." p xv

"The best way to prevent further abuse is to reveal the secret so the children in the family can be protected." p 182

Cloe Madanes, The violence of men new techniques for working with abusive families a therapy of social action, 1995. San Francisco Jossey-Bass.

The American Bar Association estimates that 87 percent of children in homes where domestic violence occurs witness the abuse.

Child abuse leads to persistent sensitization of the autonomic stress response.


"Half the girls in jail suffer from PTSD."

Ginsburg and Demeranville, Sticks and stones the jailing of mentally ill kids, The Nation, December 20, 1999, p 17

"Approximately one in six boys is sexually abused before age 16."


It's Time to Stop Permitting Abuse, Sylvia Caras, Ph D