CMHS National Advisory Council
May 2001, Gaithersburg, MD

small, warm room - 16 in the audience; 6 seats down two sides of the table, 3 across the head

September: streamlining grant app process

ACCESS report integration of services works; services where people are works; start with principles and values; effects on outcomes not found.

62% of m h facilities in US do not have an Internet connection.

7 page handout on new program Initiatives:

1576 web sites offer interventions for pathological gamblers.    CMHS is beginning to look at best practices in this area.

Council passed three recommendations, making sure that supported employment and supported education were linked, and with appreciation and no other discussion.  Subcommittee will be included in NAC mailings. 

The exact wording will be in the NAC minutes. Roughly:

1. That the proposed National Commission on Mental Health include consumers and survivors

2. Encourage KDA activities for young adults and for supported education.  (NAC added supported employment)

3. The CMHS fund the establishment of a consumer-operated web site that would use current technology to evaluate mental health information on the Internet.

Youth Violence report was released by SGR January 2001.  Not more kids committing violent acts but rather that violent acts are more severe, lethal.  Probabilities of violent behavior is close to zero if it hasn't appeared by age 25.  3 of every 10 males is involved in serious violence by the age of thirty.  Violence appears in second decade of life, adolescence, 16.  Employment prior to high school graduation increases the risk of delinquency and violence.  Working after graduation is a protective factors.  Long-term sustained effect of television and film violence appears to be small.  Substance use is a week predictor, but substance distribution and marketing is a strong predictor.  Most people who turn in guns in buyback programs have other guns at home.   The risk of being arrested for a serious violent crime is 3 in 100. 

The Council discussed how to take a more active role in advising CMHS.




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