Internet links on sexuality and mental illness

(Compiled and checked by Elliot Lazerwitz, November 2003)

Sexual functioning, medications, and their effect on relationships

  2. Ian Chovil on schizophrenia and its toll

  4. Obsessive-compulsive disorder and medications


How medications taken for depression affected one man

Romance and relationships

  2. Website on how depression affects one’s loved ones. Drug co. sponsored

  4. The romantic success story of one woman with schizophrenia.

  6. Special online issue with several stories on this topic


Bonnie Chernin tells "How To Tell Your Lover You Have Schizophrenia"

Overviews – personal and professional

  2. Pat Deegan speaks out on sexuality and its experience by the mentally ill

  4. Judith A. Cook’s empathetic comments on the situation as it is


My own stab at a statement on the issue. Four-section article.

Professional seminars

A recent, pioneering event on sexuality and MI. Check out the "program".

Parenting with mental illness

A comprehensive and often sympathetic US Government report, with a long biblio.


The grim story of HIV/AIDS among many people, in and out of hospitals.

Sexuality and MI in Canada

MH services, consumers, and sexuality in Hamilton, Canada, and what is being done

With the move into the community, we have been confronted with issues we could never have dreamed of in institutions – like love, marriage, even children. The flip side of being cursed is being blessed – but there is precious little to help and guide us with this new blessing, our sexuality. Let’s hope against hope for a new era in which love, of whatever shape or color, is our God-given right.

E.L. 11.9.2003