Present: Jon Brock, new MPA; Sharon Yokote; Juli Lawrence; Kevin Fitts; Carrie Kauffman; Russell Pierce; Paolo del Vecchio; Carole Schauer; Risa Fox; Kathy Muscari; Elizabeth Edgar; Brain Coopper; Larry Belcher, Alan Mazilli

Absent: Cindy Hopkins, Maria Mar, Donna Preston

Carrie has been appointed to the CMHS Standing Review Committee and she spoke a lot about violence in PA.

Jon Brock, Sylvia Caras and Sharon Yokote were appointed for three year terms, 9/01 - 5/04

Cindy Hopkins has resigned.

CMHS funded consumer and consumer-supporter TA centers have been invited to send representatives to SOCSI meetings.

David Clough, CMHS

Safe Schools, Healthy Students initiative

youth violence in a public health framework

John Tuscan, CMHS

Faith-Based and Community Initiatives

CMHS is planning a dialogue related to faith, using the model already developed - 10 consumers, 10 from faith community will dialogue over two days. Recommendations for consumer participants who have had positive or negative experiences with faith to .

Camille Barry, PhD, RN, Deputy Director, CMHS

Appropriations committee: Congressman Kennedy, RI, supporter of CMHS; committee interested in CMHS working in senior area; Pelosi - ptsd and kids; Obie - kids; Kennedy - elderly. Orgs are getting their congress people to introduce language into bills earmarked just for them. Some three dozen in current budget.

Mental health is one of Thomson’s HHS priorities.

Restructuring and delayering in the current reinvention of government.

Three men have been interviewed for SAMHSA administrator, two from TX, one from PA; maybe others.

Consumers need to sensitize Congress to our issues, esp since others (families/pharma/TAC) are so active.

Also, Laurie Ahern, Ron Thompson, and some NMHA staff attended the second day.

Budget update

Anita Sweetman, CMHS

Andy Imparato, AAPD

New Freedom Initiative

but tax cut takes all the money off the table

Gian-Carlo Peressutti, 202 456 1511, WH disability liaison, one of 11 in the office of public liaison, has seven? other constituencies including Italian-Americans, does not have a disability himself.

Local organizing, on the ground, is crucial, and that we consumers and survivors back other disability initiatives and grow those coalitions. Write op-ed pieces; write letters to the editors. Olmstead is an organizing opportunity.

Working lunch discussion focused on logistics/process. Russell announced he has accepted a position with CMHS and will therefore be resigning from the National Advisory Council.

We agreed on three recommendations to put forward to the NAC. If accepted by the NAC, the exact wording will be in the NAC minutes. Roughly:

1. That the proposed National Commission on Mental Health include consumers and survivors

2. Encourage KDA activities for young adults and for supported education.  (NAC added supported emplyment)

3. The CMHS fund the establishment of a consumer-operated web site that would use current technology to evaluate mental health information on the Internet.

Three recommendations were approved on Thursday by the National Advisory Council.

New NAMI ED is a family member and psychologist.

Next meeting September 5,6. Presentations from the five TA centers; ect panel; ...

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