SOCSI June 14 – 15, Washington, DC (once approved, minutes are on the SAMHSA web site; these are a few additions/comments. S.)

Power: HRSA SAMHSA summit, one of several regional meetings, to encourage the conversation between primary care and behavioral health care.

Four major SAMHSA initiatives:

Access to Recovery: substance abuse, up to $15 million

Strategic Prevention Framework: new approach, prevention-minded treatment, $44 million for states, we in mental health must take message to states to apply so that mental health is included in the prevention initiatives

Mental Health System Transformation, $44 million



Paolo has received an award for his work on seclusion and restraint, recognized by HHS Thompson.

Federal Executive Steering Committee to be established, a priority at the Secretary’s level.   This is the first time these 18 agencies have been coordinated.   Curie expects more flexible funding from CMS.   Action agenda anticipated within 60 days.

Recommendations suggested using SAMHSA money to fund recovery-based researching findings (NFCMH Subcommittee report, COSP findings, ...) and to fund focus groups to explore why people of color aren't using existing mental health services and aren't becoming more involved in the consumer/survivor movement.  And for Larry to note in the presentation to the NAC that it would be good to encourage CMS to be more flexible and to train providers in how to develop individual service recovery plans that do indeed start with the person.

Jean Campbell will present COSP findings at the October Alternatives meeting.

Half a block from the side door of our hotel, the Hotel Washington, which is two blocks from the White House, is the rear door of The Willard, the DC hotel where dignitaries stay.  F St., between 14th and 15th, was blocked, several police cars ensuring the roadway stayed clear, and, from the Willard exit to the middle of the street was a large white tent ensuring that famous people could exit the hotel and enter a car while shrouded by the tent.   Of course the wish to conceal those who would leave drew a crowd, including me, and I caught a glimpse of the side of Bill Clinton's head (after the protrait ceremony) and then later watched how the process worked as someone deserving security left.  Several agents stepped into the roadway keeping pedestrians even further at bay, two cars pulled from behind to in front, a police car led, then came the cars from the tent, one of agents, one of the dignitary, then more cars and police cars and in the exit I saw, leaning out of an open rear-seat window, was a white-shirted clean cut man with revolver held at shoulder height. 

SAMHSA invoking Maintenance of Effort (MOE) penalties if states cut state mental health or substance abuse funding.