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WSIS: The world summit on the information society

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    "Understanding WSIS: An Institutional Perspective on the UN World Summit on the Information Society"

RSIS: The role of science in the information society

Global Forum on  Disability Geneva Declaration on Accessible Information Society (2nd draft):

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The World Summit in Reflection: a deliberative dialogue on WSIS

Heinrich Boell Foundation
"Visions in Process", November 2003 (Berlin).  Available at

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Excerpt from Charter of Civil Rights for a Sustainable Knowledge Society

"During the WSIS process the discussions on ICT security have shifted from the need for infrastructure integrity to a politicised agenda, characterised by military language and a stress on safeguards against possible terrorist threats. ... national security concerns rather than by concerns for the protection of privacy standards."

"The right to privacy is a human right and is essential for free and self-determined human development in the knowledge society. Respect for privacy allows for both participation and detachment in regard to social activities and opportunities. Every person must have the right to decide freely whether and in what manner he/she wants to receive information and communicate with others. The possibility of receiving information anonymously, irrespective of the source, must be ensured for everyone. The power of the private sector and of governments over information increases the risk of manipulative access and surveillance and must be kept to a legally legitimised minimum. The collection, analysis and release of personal data - no matter by whom - should remain under the control of the individual concerned."

Phase 2 of the Summit in Tunisia - 16 to 18 November 2005