Chronology of
The Madness Group lists and works
including some relatives and some ancestors

There would be no chronology if it weren't for the subscribers, the readers and posters, the givers and comforters, the organizers and disbursers. Without you lists have no value, no power. Below is an attempt to document only a certain kind of contribution to the MADNESS family of lists, and certain related events. Omitted, for lack of dates, are the Community Access BBS in New York, the Maine statewide system, the many news groups, and the AOL mental health activites.
1989 CybrWy'n envisions networking
Jerry Fordyce and Marianne Neff-Daniels envision WA statewide system.
PIE goes on line.
1991 ME establishes Maine Meeting Place BBS.
WA state receives grant for BBS and sysop Jon Ihler launches CA-BBS. CMHS includes Consumer BBS concept in TA RFP (Jackie Parrish). NEC includes Catherine Odette's BBS suggestion in their BBS proposal. PA and others also include electronics.
1992 Dec 31 Walkers by Dave Harmon on New Year's Eve
1993 March Pendulum by Ed Arnold and Gordon Joly
April by Gard Abrahamsen
May Sylvia uses e mail through Deep Thought, a free Santa Cruz Internet provider.
September CMHS CSP refuses to agendize electronics at grantees meeting
December Buddy Ruiz, CMHS, introduces Wayne to Sylvia
Sylvia receives her first e mail from Wayne
NEC snails People Who proposal to some.
? Schizoph, later owned by John Carlson
1994 January 27 Sylvia stops waiting for others and sends first People Who Message. Sally Clay provides active support
Feb 14 InterPsych by Ian Pitchford
April   1 1994 NEC decides to not create BBS
April 17 1994 ThisIsCrazy-L on majordomo at
April 19 NEC starts Telecom-Agenda on majordomo at .
Spring ThisisCrazy ftp site NEC gopher
Dendron on
Sylvia snails ThisIsCrazy info to c/s/x sources and newsletters.
Nov 3 MADNESS by invitation from St Johns
Oregon opens, then closes, a BBS
Nov 11 NARPA resolves to use e mail for Board business
1995  1st Q by Scott Milliken
Jan - June MADNESS Technical Owner Chuck Coker
June 8 -
Sept 16 1997
MADNESS Web Page by Patrick Burton
mid 1995 - Sept 15 1997 MADNESS Technical Owner Kieu Vu
August PSYCHRC file URLized by Jason Rasku
1996 May 6 CINMHC by Sylvia
September Mouth grants permission to use NAMWM logo
November ClubMad is conceived
last half Omega logo conceived
3rd Q Gopher reorganized by Persimmon
OzMad by Ria
MadBest by Ria
1997 Jan 31 TwoHats by Scott
March is stillborn
April OzMad to SJU
SJU MADNESS page by Patrick Bruckart
July WNUSP by Sylvia
WFMH-SCL by Sylvia
September Act-Mad by Eileen
ClubMad by Robyn and Wayne
MadGrrls by Kathryn and Vicki
Mad-Zine by Vicki
GoneMad by Sylvia
MHConsumer-VA by Patrick Bruckart by Vicki
IRC by Brooklyn by Eileen
November by Vicki
Mad-GLBT by Ria and Jason
MadMarch by Sylvia and Kathryn

Additionally, there have been presentations at conferences about electronic advocacy and support, media coverage, material published in response to current events discussed electronically, responses from CMHS and some states, and a wealth of material collected at the Library of The Madness Group.  The NMHCSHC provided funding for six presenters.


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