Chronology - Year Five: The Madness Group and People Who Net

There would be no chronology if it weren't for the subscribers, the readers and posters, the givers and comforters, the organizers and disbursers. Without you lists have no value, no power. Below is an attempt to document only a certain kind of contribution and event.
1998 January CMHS adopts Honoraria policy
St Johns freezes list expansion; Rainier Web Services offers majordomo
April Personal Pages by Howard
WarmLink-AZ by Regina
June MadSpirit by Dennis
StateNet by Seth
North Dakota List by Laura
MHConsumer-WA by Eileen
MHConsumer-OR by Miriam
Library by Eileen
M-Power by Howard
MA-Mad by Howard
Rainier Web Services Chat and Forum by Eileen
MadNation Forum and Chat by Vicki
MHA-Net (Nebraska) by Nicolas
MH-InfoHwy by Seth
PA I Can by Seth
PA Consumers by Bobby
KY Chat by John
AK web page
FL Peer Center Web Page
July Employment pages by Kevin
InRhode by Kathryn
SC-Survive by Sue
Train the Trainers at Boston University
Visionaries offers to video The Madness Group
September domain purchased
October CMHS TA awards to CONTAC and NEC
Mad-GLBT: Sapphyre replaces Ria, Jason remains
November CSIowa by Dave
TA award to Clearinghouse includes
     The Madness Group
MHConsumers-TX by Seth
Lyris test site by Eileen at RWS
recovery by Sylvia
relations by Kathryn and Mary
December Internet fund-raising
Rainier Web Services contracts with Clearinghouse
NYSMH-Consumers by Kevin
January Waiting, waiting, waiting for grant check to purchase hardware, software and install Lyris and respond to the demand for services online.



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