: - ) basic smiley
<g> grin
Act Act-Mad, advocacy list of The Madness Group
ama against medical advice
ADA (United States) Americans with Disabilities Act
AMI Alliance for the Mentally Ill, a family organization

NAMI: National: CAMI: California, ...

Alternatives Federally funded annual conference for by and about crazy people
BBS Bulletin Board System, a pre-Internet method of electronic connection
BU Boston University
Bazelon Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law
Boolean Boolean algebra is a logical construct which can be electrically interpreted to build computer hardware logic. The AND NOT and OR connectors used by World Wide Web search engines are Boolean operators.
browser a computer software program to find the entrance to web sites and information
Build If-We-Build-It, infrastructure list of The Madness Group
c/s consumer/survivor/
c/s/x consumer/survivor/ex-patient

C/s/x means listening with your heart, respecting the experience and the person you are dealing with (Bielski).

CMHS Center for Mental Health Services, a center of SAMHSA
CINMHC California InterNetwork of Mental Health Clients
CSP Community Support Programs, a former organizational unit of CMHS
cascade Series of >'s building up in a post. When you post a reply to a message and include parts of that message, the original lines show up with a > in front of them. If you reply to a reply, then you get a >> in front of line. And if you reply to that reply, you get >>>. ...
Clearinghouse The National Mental Health Consumer Self-Help Clearinghouse, a federally sponsored Technical Assistance Center
consumer/survivor generally accepted abbreviation for the various terms people call themselves and are called
DC District of Columbia, U S
DHHS U S Department of Health and Human Services
DMH Department of Mental Health
DSM Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. DSM-IV is the "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Fourth Edition," published by the American Psychiatric Association. It ensures reimbursement for the mental health industry.
digest way to receive list messages in one large, usually daily, file. Contrast with each list message arriving individually, as a separate e mail.
Dendron survivor broadsheet
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions - refers to a question itself, and to a document associated with a list or news group that provides standard answers.
FOIA Freedom of Information Act
f2f face to face
ftp file transfer protocol, a way of transfering electronic files from one Internet site to another
flame a particularly nasty, personal attack on somebody for something he or she has written. An exchange of flames may erupt into a flame war. Sometimes wars go on for years, in which case they become "holy wars," usually on such topics as the relative merits of Macintoshes and IBMs.
GFA Guidance for Applicants (for CMHS funding)
htm, html hyper text markup language, a file format used on the world wide web
HWDC Health and Welfare Data Center
HealNorm a survivor e mail discussion list
IMHO in my humble opinion
InterNIC Internet Network Information Center
list "A mailing list is a list of email addresses kept on one computer. A message directed to the list goes to that computer and this is automatically copied to everyone on the list (Cherney)."
listserv wrongly used generically to refer to MLM's
LISTSERV mailing list management software
lurk read a list and not post or respond
Lyris mailing list management software
MHSIP Mental Health Statistics Improvement Program
MLM Mailing List Manager - the software that handles subscriptions to a list and the distribution of mail to subscribers. examples: LISTERV, majordomo, Lyris
Mad Nation web site
majordomo mailing list management software
misc.handicap newsgroup for issues concerning people with disabilities
modem moduler/de-modulater which connects an electronic digital device to an analog telephone line
NAC/SMHA National Association of Consumer/Survivor Mental Health Administrators
NAMHA National Association for Mental Health Alternatives

founded 1996, Orlando, Florida

NAMI National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
NAPAS National Association of Protection and Advocacy Systems
NARPA National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy
NASMHPD National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors
NEC National Empowerment Center
netiquette Internet rules of order
NII National Information Infrastructure
NIMH National Institutes of Mental Health, part of DHHS
NMHA National Mental Health Association
NMHSHC The National Mental Health Consumer Self-Help Clearinghouse, a federally sponsored Technical Assistance Center
OACAF Organized Against Coercion and Force, an e mail discussion list
owner one way software points to the person responsible for an e mail list -- for handling technical glitches, for facilitating managing, administering and moderating
P&A Protection and Advocacy
PAIMI Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness
pc personal computer
ppp Point-to-Point Protocol, a way for connecting a computer to the Internet
Pendulum an e mail discussion list for people who experience mood swings and major depression, bipolar disorder
People Who people who experience mood swings, fear, voices and visions
post how one sends an e mail message. Analogous to the word "mail" for hard copy.
programming people instruct computer operations through programs
ROFL rolling on the floor laughing
RWS Rainier Web Services, consumer-operated Internet host
SAMHSA Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, part of DHHS
SCI Support Coalition International, a survivor organization
St Johns St Johns University, Long Island, NY, donor of LISTSERV software
San Francisco State San Francisco State University, donor of listproc software
snail mail sent by postal service
subscriber e mail discussion group participants use software to add their names to a list. Subscriptions are generally free. Subscribers receive a copy of each message sent to the discussion group.
survivor usually used politically, denotes both a survivor of mental illness and a survivor of the treatment for a diagnosis of mental illness
TA technical assistance
TAC Treatment Advocacy Center funded to increase forced treatment
thread "Each message by a mailing list member spawns its replies, a round-robin discussion that at times a support group and at other times a graduate seminar (Cherny)."
URL Uniform Resource Locator - standardized address format
Usenet Internet news group organizer
user international term for user of mental health services
WICHE Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education
WID Word Institute for Disability
WFMH World Federation for Mental Health
www World Wide Web, an organizer laid over data on the Internet
WFPSU World Federation of Psychiatric Survivors and Users renamed WNUSP
WNUSP World Network of (Ex-) Users and Survivors of Psychiatry, formerly WFPSU
Walk the Walk May 1998 CMHS sponsored educational event and rally in Washington DC
Walkers Walkers in Darkness, an e mail discussion list for people who experience major depression
Y2K Year 2000, usually used when considering the expected computer failures on January 1, 200.
YOYOW you own your own words
YMMV your mileage may vary

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