Now we are six

I first sent an e mail message to 17 People Who on January 27, 1993. Up until now I have been considering that the date for our annual report. This year, to match our fiscal year, I am changing my reporting date to as of January 1, using a calendar year. The numbers below are as of the last week in December.

People Who Net incorporated in January of 1999, was funded by CMHS through a Clearinghouse sub-contract with Rainier Web Services, bought hardware and software and established Lyris in the second quarter, moved some of The Madness Group lists from, and has been stable, running Lyris hosted at RWS, since then. IRS determined we were a 501 c 3 non-profit in the fall.

There are 83 lists, including lists for 17 U S states, at People Who Net and Rainier Web Services, administered by 33 volunteers. This is our core activity, perhaps 60% of our work. RWS has been generous in donating in kind services to host the six social responsibility lists. (We decided on this separation to not jeopardize our non-profit status and since then I have learned that it wasn’t necessary, that the IRS rules allow the educating and lobbying we are doing.) Personal Pages has 52 entries and a manager. ( ) Each area has its own accomplishments, sharing of information, creating positions, building community, writing editorial letters, ... We circulate breaking news quickly. The activity on the state lists grows slowly, but steadily.   Two reports:

      madmen madmen has been rather quiet for a while now.
But since madmen just got started this year, the
most stand-out-ish event is that there has been
some conversations happening onlist in the first
six months (we started in May). Sometimes such
a tiny step can mean a lot, especially for a list
where I encourage myself and other men to
express and experience their feelings onlist.


madgrrls It has been an interesting and challenging year for the MadGrrls List.

Currently, the MadGrrls List has an unduplicated membership of 59 which would indicate no change from last year's report.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

There have been at least twenty* new subscriptions this year, with an equal number of members signing off. The most common reason given for unsubscription from the list was the volume of mail, which in the early fall reached over 100 posts per day, and which currently appears to have dropped back to about 50 pieces of mail per day on average. Earlier in this twelve month period the unduplicated subscriber count was 68, which may account -- at least partially -- for the volume. Currently, approximately 15% of the unduplicated List membership is set nomail, which appears to me to be an average figure for this list.

The List was started on September 19, 1997 with eleven subscribers and was hosted initially on listserv software at St. Johns. On June 23, 1999, the List moved from the maelstrom server with a subscriber list of sixty-plus members, to the Lyris server at Web pages were moved from their original address at, and continue to be maintained at http// The website has grown to include full subscription information and many member contributions, with a private, members-only photo gallery accessible via a link in List mail. Also on List mail is a link to a private chat hosted by, exclusively available for members. The List was moved back to maelstrom in November 1999, based on my preference for managing with listserv software. The Lyris version of the list remains viable, through the generosity of, for Y2K back up purposes.

The number of members, the availability of more immediate resources like chat and the changing complexion of the Internet have, I observe, posed challenges to the List community this year. The MadGrrls List is founded upon a collaboratively written Netiquette that dates back to its inception over two years ago. The Netiquette has been revised this year to accommodate situations that arose on List and were meaningful enough to merit inclusion in the community's "constitution". A new, additional, owner was added this month in response to the changing nature of the list and the extraordinary demands these changes have placed on a single owner (a single owner with extraordinary "quiet" owners who have been extraordinarily supportive).

Changes, challenges, and a weary owner notwithstanding; it appears from recent mail that the List continues to be the forum intended by its creation. On Friday 12/24/99 a member posted

"it's hard, indeed, to build a safe, supportive on-line community & this list has definitely come the closest of any i have seen."

People Who Net has an *unrestricted* ending cash balance of $17.39 and can accept contributions by mail and Internet and we are a part of some bonus programs. ( ) (I am learning to use QuikBooks which Intuit donated to us. We have some restricted cash and that software too.)

Many of you know I have been working towards retiring from active daily management tasks. I’m implementing that plan by stepping back. I have been focusing for all of this year on an organized future for People Who Net. One year’s funding is "assured" but not in hand. My personal goal was to finish my Ph D program and the related rehabilitation requirements and establish a smooth transition so that I could turn more attention to visioning and new directions. I will certainly be reading, joining discussions -- and will feel less responsible, though I am still President and Coordinator of People Who Net. I’m wanting to sit behind my computer less and get out more. My plans for next year so far include ten to thirteen trips to meetings in 00 and I will report back everything relevant.

The Internet is the future and we are here. Leadership in the next millennium will be distributed. Each of you will be heroes, each leaders, each witnesses. People Who Net at,, and, as well as the lists at,,,, ... are a loosely connected network that is ready to be mobilized to transform the lives of people who experience mood swings, fear, voices and visions. You know what to do with this community. Use it wisely. Use it well.


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