Sylvia Caras

v/fax: 1 831 426 5335 146 Chrystal Terrace 5
e-mail: Santa Cruz CA 95060-3654 USA

Summary of Current Service
Health and Human Rights and Responsibilities for People with Disabilities

Service Goals

Form and sustain mutual support and advocacy networks
Speak for and provide an example for users of mental health services
Participate politically to change policy and create access to knowledge

Founder, People Who Email and Internet Resources
ICT Technical Expert for IDA
Steering Committee, International Disability Caucus (IDC)
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Representative to MHSA for CNMHC (California)



08 Western Center Law and Poverty (California)
07 Internet Governance Forum, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  07 CIMH IT, CIMH Prevalence (California)
06 Mental Health America
06: "Consumers’ View," WAPR Bulletin 06 Tunis, Global Disability Forum, WSIS
05 World Summit in Reflection, ITID 05 Milan, Consumers Views
05 Foreword, Voices from the Shadows, WHO 05 Amman,  Arab Region Disability Symposium
04 Florence, WPA
02 Yokohama, WPA
01 Vancouver, World Fed Mental Health
01 "Volunteering for Change," NMHA Bell 01 Rural Mental Health
01 "Words Matter" 01 National Statistics Conference
00 "Real Shame" 00 Nat'l Statistics Conference
99 "Advocacy & Support," Self Help & Self Care 99 Norway, TelePsychiatry
99 "Transformation," WICHE WestLink 99 Santiago, World Federation Mental Health
98 "Family-Organized Advocacy," Psych Services 98 NMHA Beers Conference
97 "Dialogue: Consumer Self-Help Online," BHT 97 National TA Teleconference
97 "Owning a List," InterNIC News 97 World Federation Mental Health
95 World Federation Mental Health
94 "Disabled," Disability and Society 93 Int'l Sociology of Mental Health
91 Compiler, Doing Without Drugs  



08 CA Champion
06 APHA Annual Mental Health Section Member BA, Wellesley College
06 NMHA Clifford Beers PhD, Summit University