Internet and related technology tips aimed at new users and low-end and legacy systems.

Free online scans for both viruses and spyware

AVG Free Edition anti-virus protection

look for ad-aware 

look for spybot

Open Office -  Sun

AOL install, free AOL, does not work well with older computers, older software. 

To find other people who experience mood swings, fear, voices and visions, use a web search engine, and try some of these key words: "mental health" user, "mental health" survivor, "mental patient" , madness, ...  Also look on the web sites that allow free email lists, like Yahoo and Topica and search the lists for the same kind of key words.  And newsgroups.  And blogs.

Locally, you may be able to get a recylced computer, a discounted internet service provider, help from tech students at a nearby community college.


About spam, viruses, phising, ...
    Don’t buy, don’t try, don’t reply, and if you get scammed, don’t cry.


There are lots of netiquette guidelines around. To be sure your email gets delivered, also learn about the many spam traps and spam filters that are part of you mail reading software and part of your internet providers service.

For instance if you want to send one message to many people and you hide the long list of recipients so that the To: line says "Undisclosed Recipients" or your own name, since the message isn’t addressed to you directly, most spam catchers will hold the message instead of delivering it. Some people do not review the spam their system has captured; your message may not get delivered as you intended. Another negative to hiding who else is getting the email is its top-down quality - you haven’t a way of knowing who else has seen the message, and if you can reply, it is only to the sender. But it is equally bad practice to reveal a long list of people’s addresses on a CC: line. If you want to communicate to many, think about using either email discussion list software (Yahoo, Topica, Google) or a blog.

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